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To the Window….to the Wall!

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We rethought the office and realized two things: (1) an elegant standing desk costs way too much money and (2) like most people, you probably need more desk space, not less. With DeskView’s Quick-Connect System, in 5 seconds, you are able to convert your window, stone, tile, or metal surface into an elegant, sleek standing desk. Open up your home or office, burn more calories, and increase your productivity.

Take a stand against dull desk setups and enjoy your view with DeskView!


Why DeskView?

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Simple – because you want more!
More Space, More Mobility, More Options, More View.

Our lightweight standing desk provides easy setup, mobility and height adjustment at a fraction of other standing desk prices. Quality and craftsmanship are at the forefront of our cutting-edge design.


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“Installation is a snap, you just pull it out of the box and secure it to the window.”
- John R.

“I feel like I reclaimed the best part of my office.”
-Diane B.

“It’s sleek, elegant, and extremely sturdy to work on. I love my DeskView!”
- Susan F.

“It’s more affordable and superior to any standing desk on the market.”
- Jacob J.